28 Apr: Revolutionize Your Well Being

You simply can’t hold yourself back while the world grows with the speed of light. But you can at least take some time off for yourself after all your well-being is what that keeps you charged all through a long run.

28 Apr: Is Your Beauty Really Spotless?

Cosmetics have been around and put to use since ages in some form or the other.  But before you buy your beauty products, have you ever checked those attached labels describing the contents of it?
10 diy

27 Apr: 10 DIY

Tired of applying those unnumbered filters every time you take a selfie?It may be an indication that your skin needs something more than just your regular skin care regimen.

27 Apr: Summer Essentials – Skin & Hair Care

Summers are here and so is the season of heat, sweating, dehydration, oiliness, and tanning. While most of us try handling these skin- related troubles in the best possible way, sadly a lack of proper guidance lands all our efforts in vain