Who in the world doesn’t droll at the sight of the beautiful flower-laden trees of the Japanese Cherry Blossom? Sakura, as it is locally known, holds a hundreds of years old legacy and still rules over  East Asian hearts, especially Japan. Like the western part of the world takes pride in its lilies, Sakura is a delicate representative of the world-renowned Japanese charm.

Parts from these beautifully magical trees are not only edible but also are added to various beauty products for various additional benefits. Cherry Blossom is now widely known for its rich anti-oxidants. It also contains anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that relieve the skin from many harmful chemicals, pollution, and sunburn. Loaded with vital fatty acids, it naturally repairs the skin and also of thes the pigmentation spots. The sweet-smelling flower thus, not only relaxes your senses but also is an ideal exotic solution for improving one’s complexion. The tint-pink blush and smooth skin of Japanese women, that leaves the world figuring out their ages seem to have been borrowed from the petals of these pretty blossoms! Due to its immense beneficial properties and ethereal appearance, Sakura has effortlessly been able to spread its roots worldwide. Not even India has remained untouched from its ambrosial. In 2016, India celebrated its first Cherry Blossom festival in the state of Meghalaya that is amidst the Himalayas.

I am quite sure, that after reading all this crucial piece of information about the Cherry Blossom you must be wondering what to try and from where? Below, enlisted are some suggestive products for your ease that are loaded with Cherry Blossom extracts.

You may add these to your regular regime and relax your senses in a nice lap of luxury.



This skin serum by Equitance works in an extremely concentrated way. Formulated specifically to target the skin spots and hyperpigmentation, it shows effective results when used on a daily basis. The other key feature acting as an assisting skin brightening agent is linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a powerful skin ingredient that retains the skin moisture.



Put a halt to your mission of hunting for the best possible shower gel that might be suitable for your skin. Give your day a fresh and fragrant start that lasts all day long by trying out Cherry Blossom Shower Gel by The Body Shop. The gel is 100% soap free and leaves the skin soft and smooth for all

day long. Experience the blooming Japanese spring blended with the goodness of hinoki woods and cherry blossoms, with every bath you take.



Searching for a mild facemask especially for sensitive and dry skin is really a big deal! Lierac presents to you a well-curated face mask to pamper, detoxify and hydrate your skin with an utmost care. The Shea and Pink clay butter nourish and soften the dry skin. The Cherry blossom and rose extracts act as antioxidants, calms skin irritation and redness.

It also repairs and protects the skin from oxidative damages.



We often neglect hands while talking about our beauty care. But hands also need an equal attention as they perform a great deal of work in our daily life. Enriched with Shea butter and cherry blossom extract, this fragrant hand cream locks the moisture of your hands, skin and nourishes it mildly. Also, it has a non-greasy and quick-dissolving texture.




What all you need Half a cup of dried and crushed cherry blossom flowers, any essential oil (cherry blossom preferably), simple glycerine soap, anything that can mold the soap, a spoon and food color (desirable).

Directions-Cut and melt the glycerine soap base in a hot pan or microwave. Add the crushed cherry blossom flower petals into the solution and stir it with a spoon meanwhile. Now take it off the flame and add about 10 drops of the essential oil and food coloring into it. Pour the solution in the molds and let it sit for about 24 hours. Next, remove the soap from molds very gently. Lastly, wrap your soap in a plastic wrap or wax paper right away and Voila!

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