10 diy

27 Apr: 10 DIY

Tired of applying those unnumbered filters every time you take a selfie?It may be an indication that your skin needs something more than just your regular skin care regimen.

27 Apr: Summer Essentials – Skin & Hair Care

Summers are here and so is the season of heat, sweating, dehydration, oiliness, and tanning. While most of us try handling these skin- related troubles in the best possible way, sadly a lack of proper guidance lands all our efforts in vain

27 Apr: Omg Kangana

From imprinting the Bollywood, right with her debut to transpiring as a fashion trailblazer; from rocking the shows with her one-woman army to being titled a gutsy prima donna, the ‘queen’ slays it all! By now you must have figured it out who is being talked about here- Well yes, it’s Kangana Ranaut. 

27 Apr: Go Chic With Emma

Each of her public appearances becomes the buzz of the town, she steals the thunder with her style brimmed with perfection. Her name needs no detailed introduction – she is EMMA WATSON. You talk about the whip-smart Hermione Granger or the tranquil Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Watson sails in an ocean of the infinite talent.
sandal wood powder111


Right from various poetic celebrations to the treatment of a number of physical and spiritual problems, the wood from sandalwood trees has always held the prestige of being a blessing to humanity by nature.