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Each of her public appearances becomes the buzz of the town, she steals the thunder with her style brimmed with perfection.  Her name needs no detailed introduction – she is EMMA WATSON. You talk about the whip-smart Hermione Granger or the tranquil Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Watson sails in an ocean of the infinite talent. Apart from proving her mettle in acting, this high-on-energy lady is a feminist and a fervent social-worker. The bold beauty went on the cover of Vogue UK back in 2015 without makeup, proudly embracing her freckles. This came up as an inspiration to herself and millions of others.

Although Watson never really liked the idea of a daily routine but loves to spruce up.  Things change for sure, and even for Emma a proper skincare regimen now holds more importance than makeup application. However, the art of a flawless makeup also needs to be mastered for when it comes to prominence the Princess of Hollywood needs to fillip the fans with her on-point looks. Presenting here’s an insight into the beauty secrets and wardrobe choices of the brilliant actress.


  • YOGA– The reigning diva of Hollywood vouches for the power of yoga. She believes that it helps to relax her mind and soul. Moreover, through yoga, she is able to stabilize her body and gain flexibility.


  • EXTREME CARDIO– Hard work pays off! Hitting the gym for a 90-min workout session for five days per week, including weight-lifting and sprint running holds a priority in her fitness schedule. Outdoor running and hill walking are also among her favorites to maintain her perfect body.


  • SKIN ROUTINE– Emma believes in the fact that the more healthy and good the skin is, lesser would be the need to apply foundation. Since, she possesses a sensitive skin, Cleansing, toning and moisturizing plays the game for her. Sunscreen is a must-have according to her. She recommends a sunscreen with at least SPF-15.
  • STRICTLY A BALANCED DIET– Sticking to the healthier option of food is quite easy as well as benefiting and this graceful star proves it all. But even the actress gets cravings and is quite fond of chocolates and pasta. However, a balanced diet with low sugar, salt, and saturated fats is what all that she does miracles for her.


  • GO ECO-FRIENDLY– This incredibly intelligent woman knows the worth of nature and tries to use the more of natural products in her makeup stuff, baths and fragrances.


The fashion priestess has marked her grand presence in the covers of some major magazines like Vogue, Grazia, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Her style game has always been up to the mark and why not… This glorious faerie has got every reason for that. It seems as if the sophistication flows through her veins. Based on her expertise, is precise of the best of her Contempo pick-ups

  • SIMPLE YET SASSY– Someone has very rightly said that “ornaments are the most transformative thing a woman can wear” and Emma validates the statement! Also, embellishments like sequins, feathers, etc. complement not only the lavishing evening gowns but add up to the elegance of a really simple outfit.


  • COLOR POPS– Who in the world is not fascinated by colors? They add gleam and define the power of fashion in a whole new way. From the unique geometrical patterns to the creative floral paired with a bold and brightly patterned pair of heels, our Hermione for sure flirts with her looks like a pro.


  • BLACK IS BEAUTY– ‘When in doubt, wear black.’ Some things simply never retire and so does the sexy color black. Have an important outing or some occasion? Black would never disappoint you. A little dress, a flared gown or even a black leather jacket are capable of doing pretty wonders for everyone.


  • LEND IT FROM MEN– Inspirations can be lent from anywhere. Watson has never hesitated to borrow the styling tips and tricks from men and mold them as per her desire. Softly colored suits and blazers with plunging necklines and ankle-length trousers is a perfect amalgamation of both masculine and feminine traces of fashion.


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