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From imprinting the Bollywood, right with her debut to transpiring as a fashion trailblazer; from rocking the shows with her one-woman army to being titled a gutsy prima donna, the ‘queen’ slays it all! By now you must have figured it out who is being talked about here- Well yes, it’s Kangana Ranaut.  The three-time national award winner is equally fond of the desi designers as much as she adores international labels like Dior. Her flawless looks, dreamy curls, à la mode style statements and an exuberant personality make her rule the hearts of many. The badass actress, known for taming life to her own terms, rose all the way from the ground to zenith and proved her metal without any Godparent in Bollywood.

Her perfect and polished appearance, even with no or minimal makeup is none less than a magical mystery to us. By now, I know you must have been quite inquisitive about her charming secrets…I was too before! To decode this private affair, I tried to delve into her beauty regime and style statement. Sharing the glowing secrets with you…


Our quaintrelle finds it quite challenging to master her super-sensitive skin. So, she never calls off her day unless she removes all her makeup before retiring to the bed. This helps skin to breathe and rejuvenate. For the daycare, Kangana’s approach is rather simple yet the most effective one. She believes in the three-step skincare regime, that is Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.

  • Cleansingthe skin removes all the dead skin and dirt that comes over the surface during the night time. This process in helps cleaning the skin and to restore the freshness of it.
  • The next in the list is toning. Toner is something more than an astringent but less than a make-up product. It hydrates the skin and provides firmness to it. It also it regulates the pH balance of the skin and controls excess oil.
  • The last and the crucial step is Every skin type needs to be moisturized, the amount may vary though! It improves skin tone, texture and locks the water in skin epidermis.


Due to her sensitive skin, Kangana claims to be avoiding facials but get clean-ups from time to time. Soap for face is a big nope as per her. Moreover, honey and Emami Boroplus cream that she inherited from her grandma’s ‘Venus treasure’ are two chief products, creating miracles for her skin.


Remember her glamorous retro styled hair in Once Upon A Time in Mumbai or those mesmerizing wild-flowing curls from Tanu weds Manu? Our drama queen is always at a win-win! Her lovely natural curly hair is a style-statement in itself. For this, she provides them with a hot oil massage followed by steaming thrice a week. She also credits hair spas and deep conditioning treatments to keep her hair healthy and shiny. These hair-repair treatments also prevent excess hair breakage due to heat and chemicals used in hair styling.


Who doesn’t have a predilection for our sensational Gangster girl, who dolls up like a pro and is gradually taking over the fashion guru of Bollywood-Sonam Kapoor? Ranaut has never hesitated to make brave fashion choices- be it a sheer top or a graceful sari. With her distinct fashion terms, she causes thousands of hearts to skip a beat with every appearance that she makes.

  • Maxi dresses occupy a dominant position in her wardrobe. Midi dresses, pencil skirts, laced-tops, shirts, ruffled crop tops, etc. are among her favorite clothing line-up. Apart from this, she is quite infatuated with the prints and strips. She also loves experimenting with odds and matches them to flaunt her style.
  • Retro Hollywood and vintage styling is the dearest to her. Ranging from any shade of nude colors to oxblood red lip color. Or you talk about a classic hair-do added with dramatic winged eyeliner; Ranaut’s approach to fashion is totally unbeatable.

With a belief in being natural to a fashion sense so outrageous, Kangana’s social game has always been spot on! We just hope that she keeps inspiring and setting trends for us to follow for long.


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